Becoming a New Rebel Mom

Becoming a New Rebel Mom

September 17, 2018

By Laura Chapman with an Intro by Hayley Jane Gonzalez 

Most of us think we know what it’s going to look and feel like. We convince ourselves, regardless of what we know to be true, that we will have control, order, understanding, and a sense of self once we give birth to our children. Some women make lists and delegate responsibilities, others verbally coach their families, I’ve even known a woman to create a visual diagram for her support network with individual responsibilities for each member (with specific instructions!). However you choose to prepare for the shift that is about to occur, I encourage you to keep this in mind: the act of organizing and planning is a critical step in the mom process but unfortunately, it's almost useless at conquering the task we deeply believe it's meant to.

No matter how hard we tighten the grip on the self we once were, we only damage its fragility with the pressure we put on ourselves to remain inimitable, salient, and unchanged. Societal stigmas, glass ceilings, and little boxes only amplify the argument that the dangerous and challenging components to women having children continue to exist. Short on sleep, self-care, and showers, new moms must warrior through ultimate change while pioneering a new path for the new self. It can be exhausting, overwhelming, incredibly rejuvenating, and scary af.

So what does it look like before and after having a new little? Her Rebel Soul’s co-founder, Laura Chapman shares a piece of her before journey with us; opening up about her fears a mere 1 week prior to her due date with her first baby. Tell us about YOUR journey into motherhood and how radical or similar things were to what you expected and don’t miss how Laura’s story unfolds…check back in a month or two for her follow-up blog!

To the woman who holds so much of HRS together, who scored a near perfect on the DISC (we all knew it), and always inspires us to keep after the hustle…we wish you the most magical transition and can’t wait to see you bloom.  

Becoming a New Rebel Mom. 



All of the best decisions I’ve made in my career as an entrepreneur were the ones that were the riskiest. I have a knack for taking giant leaps to follow my passion and my heart without giving too much thought to what I’m doing until after the fact. In hindsight, I see these were bold, risky, scary decisions!

My leaps of passion are built upon an incredible amount of drive and determination, which have led me down an extremely exciting and fulfilling career path running my own projects, nurturing emerging artists, and growing small businesses. I side hustle as an artist, I am an active Real Estate agent, and most recently, I am a Co-Founder in this incredible adventure building Her Rebel Soul.


The Scariest Decision of All.

My latest big decision has gone entirely different than my aforementioned leaps. There was no blind jump on this one. I have been planning this for years. I left behind the jobs that require travel, I left a business of my own making,  and an exciting big city to move home to Arizona to be closer to family. I’ve re-aligned my priorities and passions into a business supporting women, I’m surrounded by other moms in anticipation of being a work-at-home mom myself, I bought a house, got life insurance, and now...with my ever-growing belly (seriously, how much bigger can it get?!) and fast approaching due date, everything seems in place for the arrival of the biggest decision yet.


How prepared can you be?

We’ve got car seats, a crib, stroller, rocker, diapers, onesies, bottles, swaddles, a thermometer, nipple cream, nursing bras - the list goes on and on and on and on. I’ve taken classes on breastfeeding, healthy sleep patterns, and birthing. I’ll admit, this spreadsheet worshipping, business woman had lists checked off months in advance with a strict schedule for baby preparedness!

What I don’t have a plan for, and what is silently filling the back of my mind with fear, is when I will answer emails, develop new products, write blogs, take team calls. When will I possibly work?! And if I’m not working, how will business get done?

My life right now revolves around my work! From the moment I wake up until late in the evening, I am growing my businesses and myself. I LOVE working because I love what I do. I know that when this little man comes into my life everything will be turned upside down. I know that the time I currently dedicate to my career will disappear.  I know that my priorities will shift, my extreme need for organization will be challenged, all of the control I have over my life and my schedule will swiftly careen out the window to the unpredictable needs of my baby. And if I’m not working passionately at my businesses, my art, who am I?

I have heard about this “identity” crisis. The transition from independent entrepreneur to a “babies hanging off my boobs, diaper changing, barely sleeping mompreneur” is looming ahead of me. No matter how many beautiful stories I hear, no matter how out-of-this-world excited I am to meet my son and join a tribe of amazing mommies, I am also incredibly nervous about letting go and finding myself again.


Letting Go.

The best decisions, were perhaps the scariest and the decision to be a mom is no different.  I’m elated by the thought of this little belly ninja being in my arms and I find I have no choice but to surrender myself to unpreparedness and trust that I will find a way.

My husband is my pillar and while I’m skeptical of any plan we make, I find comfort in his gallant suggestion to make a household schedule and to organize a timeline for giving each other the time we need. ...hopefully!!


You never know what you’re capable of until you are truly challenged. I know that Her Rebel Soul came into my life at just the right time and that I will be surrounded by an incredibly supportive network of women who have gone through the same thing. I know I am a Rebel Soul and somehow, through this whole mom creation, I will become a Mother Hustler too.


Who’s With Me?

I’m not alone! Are any of you going through the same thing? First baby on the way and wondering how to keep living life on your own terms? I’d love to hear from you. What are your fears and challenges? How do you cope with them? And, just for fun...what’s the worst piece of advice someones given you during your pregnancy?

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