From Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

From Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

August 16, 2018

How I Became a Mother Hustler - From Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

It’s officially been one month since we launched this little passion project we call Her Rebel Soul and we couldn’t be more excited about all the positive feedback! BIG THANKS to all you Rebel Sisters out there. We are excited to see this beautiful community grow and evolve.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Carole Kennelly and I am proud to call this project my little brain child, although I definitely couldn’t have pulled it all together without the the help of my two founding partners, Laura Chapman and Carly Otness.

This is my story of how I went from Entrepeneur to Mompreneur, but before we dive in, I want to give you access to the steps I used to clarify my goals and start living the life I wanted as a mompreneur. All of us at Her Rebel Soul have been on this journey and we know with a little help, you can tap into your badassery too.  Click on the image to download our steps & after you read my story, get started on your own!

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The Boss Lady. 

My back story, like so many women, starts with me feeling on top of my game career-wise. I was the co-founder and face of a new and fast growing craft brewery at a time when craft beer was at the height of trendiness. I also co-founded a super fun wine project and several pubs, tasting rooms and Carole Kennellytap houses. I traveled all over the state representing and building our beer and wine brands, brands that have my fingerprints all over them from the messaging, product and apparel design, product names and slogans, etc. I was invited to attend and speak at super hip events, participate in craft beer panels, and tell our story on podcasts and live radio. Needless to say, my ego was loving all the attention. I can’t speak for my liver.

In summary, my work was my entire life, that is, until it started taking over my life completely. I’ll be candid and say my dedication to my work caused some tension in my marriage given that my partner wasn’t super stoked on me being gone 4-5 days of the week or not being able to walk away from my iphone for more than 5 minutes. This was my baby after all, or so I thought. 


Delusional fantasies of a new mom-to-be.

Fast forward five years later, after the newness of the company had died down a little, my loving partner and I courageously made the decision to craft our own baby, you know, a real life, breathing human. I laugh now remembering our self-righteous claims that we weren’t going to be like other parents who let their babies completely change their lives [apologies for the mild/ignorant mama judgement coming through]. I was dedicated to continuing to kick ass with my work, and we would just “bring her along” when we went out so she would learn early how to be cool in restaurants and bars. I know. I KNOW! That’s a pretty sweet fantasy.


Smell ya later, life. It was nice knowing you.

Needless to say, our little bundle of love arrived in June of 2017 and with her arrival, we quickly found ourselves saying goodbye to much of our precious social life and other things we had previously loved. Gone were the routine double dates with our close, non-parent friends. Gone were the late nights at hip bars and trendy new restaurants.

Most significantly, gone was my motivation and passion to dive back into my work that had defined the last five years of my life.

To this day, I am still a little surprised by this. I had never imagined myself a stay-at-home mom (cue identity crisis)! Suddenly, the idea of all the travel, and managing employees, and all the minutiae of running a fast growing company failed to have any meaning for me...and I sure wasn’t going to let something without meaning take me away from the the magical little lady whose every breath made my new mama heart sing.







Carole Kennelly

So, at age 35, I found myself having conversations about exit strategies from companies I helped create with no real idea of what I was going to do next to help support this living, breathing, little love machine. (P.S. My partner is a ceramic artist, so not exactly at the top of Fortune 500). All I knew was that whatever it was, it had to come from my heart and align with my life’s purpose (life’s purpose, that’s a whole different blog post. Stay tuned).


Entrepreneur to Mompreneur

Mother Hustler Mug
I spent the good part of the next year reading, and journaling, and soul searching, and meditating, along with nursing and pumping, and diapering, and overcoming several existential meltdowns when it finally hit me. What I loved about running the craft brewery and winery had nothing to do with beer, wine, or the culture around it. I honestly couldn’t care less about beer (shhh, don’t tell my former team that). What got me out of bed every morning was the act of building something. I discovered my passion lies in creating a culture and story behind a brand combined with putting the pieces together to get it off the ground and profitable. After all, this is what I had been doing all these years. 


Shop our Mother Hustler & Mama's Lil Hustler collections!Mother Hustler Ad

This realization of my true calling is what sparked the beginnings of Her Rebel Soul and brings us to where we are today. My personal mission is to educate and empower women to align with their true callings and launch their own passion projects, side hustles, whatever you want to call it. I strongly believe we all have the ability live life on our own terms (or at least on the terms of our new, drooly, milk succling bosses we call babies). We’re all a work in progress. Sometimes we need a little coaching and inspiration to get to where we want to be.


Working mom


Her Rebel Soul - Class with a side of Hood and a whole lotta universe.

Just over a year from the date I birthed our little Evie Marlowe May, I co-birthed Her Rebel Soul, a socially conscious, women’s empowerment and apparel brand designed to deliver tips and tools and educational programs to help women see their own business babies blossom. We like to think of ourselves as mostly classy, but with a side of hood and a whole lot of universe. You know, those women who listen to gangsta rap while leaving yoga on our way to the farmers market to stock up on fresh sage and palo santo. In short, we believe while tackling life’s super heavy, most important decisions (personal happiness, passion, life purpose, etc), it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun along the way.

Carole Kennelly
So, if you are like us and looking to leave your career, start that side hustle, you appreciate the occasional f-bomb in your daily dose of motivation, or you just want some support navigating this whole adulting thing, join our Rebel Tribe. We got your back, girl.

Oh, and to all you new mamas to be. Maybe your experience will be different. Maybe you won’t struggle with questions about identity. Maybe you won’t feel the need to give up your booming social life. Maybe.... But if your story feels anything at all similar to mine, I’d love to hear from you, if even to say, “I feel you, girl.”


Carole Kennelly
Boss Lady. Mama. Badass Mamajama.

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